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I’m coming back I promise!

16 Nov

Yes, I have been a blog LOSER and completely neglected my desperate rants over the last two months. I was snowed in with work and doing some crazy sixteen hour days, throw in a trip to Paris, a date with a billionaire and my experiments with online matching sites as well, and we can see things have progressed somewhat..and not at all.

I’ll be back from tomorrow with fresh posts! I have to confess, that I’ve been worried that my neglect will result in rejection from readers, much like when you cheat on your coffee barista at work and then have to run past and pretend you have just been sick for the last two months instead of fessing up that you found better coffee around the corner…

I hope you haven’t been cheating on me with other blogs or we’ll need to have the ‘talk’..

See you in the morning!

Much love
Miss Procrastination


What is this blog thing?

20 Jul

So I started a blog, how do you start a blog? What do you write about in a blog? Will anyone even read this blog?

Do you know how hard it is to even find a decent name for a blog?! What, is there an underground community of bloggers out there that I have obviously just been ignoring for the last couple of years while I sip my decaf skim lattes every morning, meanwhile they prepare to take over the city in an anti-blog revolt?

I obviously know close to nothing about blogs, (yes surprising given my occupation) and a mere four months ago I would have said my life was too stock standard to even write a decent blog.

There I was, happily living in my chic inner city apartment and preparing a wedding to make the pages of every bridal magazine in the country. I thought I had it all, the guy, the pad, the newly acquired dream job, the body of Gisele Bundchen …okay okay…massive exaggeration…I digress….

You could say I was well…happy, turns out that the supposed love of my life, was well…not.

Let’s spare everyone the messy details, but when the supposed ‘man of my dreams’ unceremoniously and very unexpectantly dropped a bomb on me one average Tuesday night, my life became a little bit more interesting and well…blog worthy.

After single handedly cancelling a wedding, removing all items from said chic apartment, and moving back to the suburbs courtesy of mum and dad, I spent a good couple of months crying, reading self-help books that well meaning friends bought for me (my favourite titled…’I can mend your broken heart’, sent all the way from London…it made me vomit just a little bit in my mouth when I saw that title…but I still love you A…bless) and trying to work out the reasons why people do dumb stuff. Then I got jack of all that….

And decided to write a blog.

I’ll have to admit to you that I am a girl who has never been single. I started dating when I was sixteen, and well let’s just say that for the last thirteen years I have been single a total of five weeks.

Yep, this is a whole new world for me, and admittedly I am doing it ass about face. I mean really I should have done the whole ‘free to be me’ thing when I was in my teens and early twenties.

People are telling me that ‘this is awesome’. You’re finally going to be able to:

  • Sleep with all those random bankers that always tried to pick you up at Friday night drinks (the joys…I can hardly breathe I am so excited…not)
  • Now that you live back at home, spend all your money on insanely priced Viktor & Rolf handbags, Chanel make-up, trips to Paris and anything else your heart desires (can already tick this one off the list…but will keep it and keep adding items guilt free)
  • Continue to build your file of drunken cab stories to share with your grandchildren
  • Stop pretending that you want to trial a brunette hair colour when really you have always always always been a blonde
  • Write a blog, get famous, and wait for someone to make a movie out of your life (By the way Kate Hudson has already signed on for part 1 of this epic saga, Robert Pattinson will play my love interest…more on that later)

It sounds like fun I guess, not the way I would have dreamed though. I would have given up everything to spend the rest of my days with someone I thought was my best friend.

I’d always pictured us sipping Pimms on the porch with our grandchildren screaming out something delightful like “hey grandma, I’m all jacked up on mountain dew!”

But sometimes, you can’t plan your life out the way you want it to, and sometimes even when you think everything is sorted it’s well…not.

And in the words of one of my favourite ladies Carrie Bradshaw, I found myself lamenting over the following words of advice that she somehow had written especially for me right now.

“As we drive along this road called life, occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. And when that happens, I guess she has to let go of the coulda, shoulda, woulda, buckle up and just keep going.”

And so, that’s what I plan to do, and here I am, and this is my blog.