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I’m coming back I promise!

16 Nov

Yes, I have been a blog LOSER and completely neglected my desperate rants over the last two months. I was snowed in with work and doing some crazy sixteen hour days, throw in a trip to Paris, a date with a billionaire and my experiments with online matching sites as well, and we can see things have progressed somewhat..and not at all.

I’ll be back from tomorrow with fresh posts! I have to confess, that I’ve been worried that my neglect will result in rejection from readers, much like when you cheat on your coffee barista at work and then have to run past and pretend you have just been sick for the last two months instead of fessing up that you found better coffee around the corner…

I hope you haven’t been cheating on me with other blogs or we’ll need to have the ‘talk’..

See you in the morning!

Much love
Miss Procrastination